About the company

We are glad to introduce to you our company as well as products and services we offer to the geophysical industry.

Established in January 1995, GEOSVIP has soon become a leading manufacturer of seismic vibrators for oil and gas industries of Russia and other CIS countries.

The company's brand-name, GEOSVIP - GEOphysical Systems for VIbration Prospecting - is well-known to geophysicists. GEOSVIP- built seismic vibrators operate in various geologic and climate conditions - from the cold of Northern Russia and Finland to the heat and humidity of Indonesia.

Our key personnel have a long, up to 20-30 years, experience in seismic vibrator design, manufacture, and service.

These activities are provided by GEOSVIP's basic structural units - design office, manufacturing facility, field service department, and training center.

Qualified service engineers are capable of dealing with all types of vibrators from different manufactures.

Our products and services include:

At present GEOSVIP manufactures six models of seismic vibrators, namely:

Built on order are self-propelled utility chassis - buggy type (field-convertible into a four-track chassis) and two-track type for Arctic operations.

A patented technique (elaborated jointly with Institute of the Earth's Physics, RAN, Institute of Oil and Gas Research, RAN, and Russian Institute of Oil Geology) of using seismic vibrators to enhance oil recovery is a new and unique service we offer to the oil industry.

Vibrator Assembly Shop, Kimry Plant

Vibrator Assembly Shop, Kimry Plant

The vibrator units adopt either GEOSVIP-built SV-14, SV-20, and SV-30 shakers or Western-built ones. The vibrator carriers are GEOSVIP-designed buggies and tracked chassis for snow-covered and swampy terrain or custom-built KAMAZ, KRAZ, MOAZ, and URAL chassis. To meet different application requirements the units feature either a single or a dual engine concept.

For higher quality and dependability the basic components of the units' key systems, such as hydraulic circuits, transmissions, winterization systems, etc. are bought from the world-known manufacturers - Atlas Fluid Controls, AEROQUIP, Denison, Arctic Fox, Parker Hunnifin, Eberspacher, SAUER-DANFOSS, Vibracoustic Hungary Ltd., and WIKA,

All units are equipped with GEOSVIP-designed control electronics and computerized vibrator analysis system for testing and adjusting vibrator operation in the field. The vibrators can also operate in conjunction with other types of control systems, e.g. Pelton- or SERCEL-built ones.

GEOSVIP is a regular participant of SEG and EAGE annual meetings and technical exhibitions where we present our products and meet our partners and customers from all over the globe.

We have ambitious plans for the future as well as experience and expertise to put them into reality. Among these plans are expanding the family of our seismic energy sources and securing a firm and continuous presence at the world's geophysical market.

The text and photos below will help you to get a better understanding of our products and services offered to geophysical and oil industries.